Meet the new 4-inch iPhone SE

Posted By on Mar 22, 2016 |

In a world of big phones, Apple is going small, again…

Yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone SE. The most notable feature is it’s 4-inch screen, which won’t win them any points for innovation, but does provide the “small handed” among us an option better suited to our diminutive digits. We’ll get all the features available in the current iPhone 6S. No one’s minds were blown, but some of us are grateful for the option. Yesterday’s event also included the announcement of OS 9.3 which is available now from the app store.

More updates: Live Photos, a new feature will transform photographs into 3-second loops.  Siri, will now be able to continuously listen, which Apple claims will allow Siri to serve as your virtual right hand, constantly prepared to serve you when you say “Hey, Siri!”.

One feature is notably absent from the 6SE; it doesn’t have 3D Touch! Apple’s weighted touch feature, allows users to open sub-menus by when you pressing and holding the screen. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s surprising none-the-less.

We’re fairly certain that the palm-sized SE will feel a lot like the iPhone 5S. The size has been carefully considered, and it appears to be fundamentally the same.

We’re sure the iPhone SE will be, fast, at least as fast as the 6s, and we migh even be able to fit it in our pocket again…

Apples camera technology is still the best out there, and the SE looks to be in the same class as the 6s only with 4k video. Apple still using the 12-megapixel camera from 6S, which is pretty great at taking low-light selfies.

So, the real elephant in the room is the iPhone 7. The 6ES release is about halfway through the typical iPhone life cycle, which means a phone with a superior camera, processor yada, yada, yada, is right around the corner. Perhaps the people queuing for the 6SE will have statistically smaller hands than past iPhone releases? We can only speculate.

iPhone 6SE Cost

– 16GB: $399

– 64GB: $499

Specs examination with iPhone 6, 6S, 5

– Aluminum body

– Rose gold, gold, silver, dark hues

– iOS 9.3

– 12-megapixel camera

– 4K video catch

– Promises battery life of 13 hours video playback

– Apple Pay

– Wi-Fi calling

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