What the heck is OTT?

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What is over the Top TV?

Over The Top (OTT) TV is a new union between the television world and the internet world. It is changing television along with our television viewing habits, which works in the viewers favor.
How much time do you spend on your laptop compared to the time in front of the tv? Cable companies tend to charge extra to rent a DVR, so you have the “freedom” of watching your favorite shows whenever you find convenient.

With OTT, you can finally ditch that extra monthly charge and watch quality television and movies over the internet, on your time. Now your favorite movies and TV shows will be available at your fingertips, and you’ll have the convenience of watching whenever and how often you want.

The shift is definitely shaking up the traditional role assumed by the Cable companies. Currently, their model is to sell you a different package based on the channels you want, but the pricey packages also include a lot of channels you don’t want or will never watch. The company that broke the traditional business model was Netflix. Now, viewers were in complete control over what they wanted to watch and could also finish a whole season in one day. Binge-watching and no commercials made it instantly appealing and with the low monthly cost, it beat out paying for extras that you never wanted in the first place.

Some television channels have hopped on the bandwagon, most notably HBO and AMC. More and more content is shifting to streaming services from such channels as CBS, Showtime and Lifetime. Currently, the conservative minded television execs don’t appear to be making big moves towards cable style OTT service, those moves appear to be coming from more tech minded companies. Sony’s Vue service looks like it may provide some of the experiences associated with cable, but in the two years since it’s launch, it appears to have stalled and is not widely available.

There have been rumors that a new company, Vidgo, may be able to succeed where Sony has not been able to.

To be continued…

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